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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions


As a prospective tenant, what do I need to do to rent property?

First thing to do is identify a unit that will meet your needs. The next step is to contact our office
(714-894-0053) to arrange a viewing when the type of unit is available.

Once you have determined that you like the property, we will ask you to complete a rental application. You can complete this application here. This application must be completed in full and brought to our office so that we may process it. Make sure to have one filled out by each individual over the age of eighteen (18) who will be residing on the property.

To process your application we will run a credit check through a major credit company. There is an application fee of $30 per adult that will be the principals residing in the home. We may require the same of any co-signer(s). Applicant must provide proof of income at time application is submitted. Please submit to us copies of your pay stubs when submitting an application. We will also need to view a copy of a government issued identity card. If all information is verified satisfactorily, then we will place you in the home you have selected.

IF an applicant has ever been taken to court for an unlawful detainer suite the application will be denied. Please see Application Requirements.


How does the screening process work?


The screening process involves Vista Del Sol Apartments conducting a credit, residential, employment, and background check.


What is involved in a residential screening?

Maintenance Request


Application Requirements

Vista Del Sol Apartments will contact the applicant's previous landlords and obtain oral or written references as to the applicant's payment history, late payment, damages, pet history and other related factors that pertain to tenancy. Applicants with a pet must have an appropriate pet reference as to the condition of the property where the pet has previously resided. You must place contact name and contact numbers for your previous landlords on the rental application or we will be unable to process your application.

If the applicant was a previous homeowner and does not have a prior landlord, we will review the mortgage payment history to confirm payment history. Please provide mortgage company name and contact information when you complete the application.


What is involved in employment screening?

Community Policies

Resident & Guest Conduct

Pet Policies

30 Day Move Out

Move Out Instructions

Vista Del Sol Apartments will contact your present and previous employers to obtain oral or written references for employment dates and salary. You must place the contact names and numbers of your previous employers on your rental application or we will not be able to process it. If you are a new hire and relocating to Orange County, bring your "Offer of Employment Letter" with you when you complete the application. Applicant's current income should be at least three times the rental amount. The income of all principals is used to obtain the total household income.

For self-employed and non-employment income we verify sources and amounts: tax returns, bank and business references, government documents, etc.


What is involved in credit screening?

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The screening process includes running a credit report on individuals. Vista Del Sol Apartments uses one of the three major credit-reporting agencies to conduct this process.

If Vista Del Sol Apartments approves an applicant who has had a bankruptcy and/ or credit problems they will be required to make advance rent payments, or double the deposit or have a cosigner.


What do I have to do to move out of the property?


To officially begin the move-out process, you need to send or bring in a written thirty-day notice. Go to the Navigation button on our web site labeled Tenant Forms/Services and complete the Notice to Vacate Form and fax it, mail it or bring it in during business hours. Email is not an acceptable for of submitting a 30-day notice. Also print out a copy of the Move Out Instruction sheet.

A 30-day notice to vacate must be submitted before your term of lease expires or in the event that you decide not to renew your lease.


Can I rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets myself?


No. A professional carpet cleaning company must clean the carpets. And VDS has the only authority to contract a cleaning company to clean carpets in the event of a move-out unless previously negotiated under special circumstances.

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When does the thirty days Notice to Vacate start?


The 30 day Notice to Vacate becomes valid when it is received in our office, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If dropped off during the night in our drop slot a 30-day notice will count starting the next business day.


Can I move out before the thirty days is up?


 Yes, once you have sent in the thirty-day notice you make take as much or as little of that time as needed. However, you are responsible for rent payment for the entire thirty days regardless of it you have moved out sooner then the expiration of the notice.


Do I need to be present for a move out inspection?


You can schedule a time with the Property Manager if you would like to be there, or the property managers will conduct the move out inspection after you have turned in the keys. You will be notified of the results when you receive the Disposition of Security Deposit that will make note of any damage to the property. Please go to the navigation button labeled Tenant Services to obtain the Move Out Instruction sheet and Notice to Vacate form.


How do I get my full security deposit back?


There are a number of things that must take place to receive a full refund of the security deposit. All wall-to-wall carpeting and window coverings need to be professionally cleaned, with the receipts submitted to Vista Del Sol Apartments for verification. The interior of the home must be cleaned thoroughly; only the property manager will determine cleanliness because it is subjectable and individuals are biased regarding individual cleaning abilities, preferences and habits. .

Please click onto the navigation button labeled Tenant Services and read the Move Out Instruction sheet.


How long after I move out, can expect to receive my security deposit?


You will receive your security deposit within twenty-one (21) days of the end of your rental period. This is determined to be: when all keys and garage door openers have been returned to Vista Del Sol Apartmentsand expiration of the lease or 30-days  has occurred. If expiration of the lease has not occurred and the keys and gate remote openers have been returned - you have not reached the end of the rental period. You will be sent an Itemized Disposition of your security deposit, which will state all the charges and any remaining funds from your security deposit which will be returned to you. The remainder of the deposit will be sent along with the Disposition. If a balance is due to the owner, it must be submitted within fifteen days or the account will be sent to collection.

Special circumstances apply in the event a lease has been broken. The security deposit may be held until a new tenant has been found for the property.

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Can I break the lease before it has expired?


When you sign the lease before moving into the home, it is binding, so although breaking a lease is possible, it does carry consequences. Read the lease carefully before signing it, and be aware of the responsibilities of renting a home. Typically, you would be responsible for all cost to re-lease the property including advertising, lease up fees, and the entire time the house or unit is vacant or until re-let again.


How do I dispute the Disposition?


If you choose to dispute the Itemized Disposition of Security Deposit, you must do so within fifteen days of receipt thereof and it must be submitted in writing. Check your lease, any addendums, and the welcome notice given to you at the time you signed the lease for further information.


When is rent due?


Rent is due on the first of each month, and will be considered late if not received in the office prior to close of business on the third.

If a tenant is late with the payment, a Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit will be sent out, and you will receive a late fee equal to $50 to $75 depending on the time frame of when the rent was submitted, if submitted at all.  An Unlawful Detainer will be sent if the tenant fails to pay within the allotted time period. Partial payments are not accepted without prior arrangements being made with management.


How can I pay my rent?


Rent will be accepted in person at Vista Del Sol Apartments office or there is a rent drop slot also located in the door for after hours payment of rent-checks only-No Cash. Please specify the apartment number in the memo line of the check.

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What is the late fee policy and eviction process?


Rent is due on the first of every month. There is a three-day grace period. The rent is considered late after the third of the month and a late fee is then assessed. The late fee is equal to $50 from the 4th, then $5.00 additional per day maxing at $75.00. The late fee is due with the rent. If your rent is short, there will be a late fee incurred and you will received a Three Day Notice. Always notify the Manager if your are going to be late prior to the due date.

If you are late on your rental payment you will receive a Three Day Notice to pay as required by Tenant Landlord law. This legal notice will explain that if you fail to pay your rent within the three-day time frame indicated within this letter, Meridian Property Management will begin eviction proceedings in the local courts.

Once Vista Del Sol Apartments files in court for a judgment, the tenant must bring their account current and pay all outstanding rent, late fees, legal fees, outstanding utilities and any outstanding balance owed in their account before an eviction will be stopped. If the tenant fails to pay at all then the eviction proceeding will stand and the tenant will be evicted.


How does Vista Del Sol Apartments handle Utility Billing?


Applicants must put electricity into their names BEFORE keys will be given at lease signing. At lease signing we will ask you for confirmation numbers or receipts from the utility companies and we will call to verify that all utilities have been placed into your name before keys will be released.


What is the age limit to apply for a lease?


No one under 18yrs of age can apply as a principal to a residential leasing agreement. All individuals 18yrs of age and older must complete the application even if they are only residents of the property and not a principal.


Do I have to have some form of verifiable rental history?


No, it is not a necessity but verifiable rental history or mortgage payment history does add to your desirability as a tenant. Cancelled checks, money order stubs, your old lease agreement and /or a letter will help in this verification.


Can I have pets and what is your pet policy?


It is at the manager's discretion to determine if she will allow pets in the rental unit. Some units are suitable for small dogs, while others will allow indoor cats only. All animals must be spayed or neutered and dogs must be licensed in the County of Orange. Garden Grove Animal Control does inspections.

There is an additional security deposit required when a tenant has a pet. This additional security deposit is $300 per animal. An increaseof $25.00 per anaimal in your base rent is also required. The incremental increase in the security deposit will be due on the move-in date.

You will be required to complete a questionnaire in regards to your pet prior to acceptance of the animal. Any damage to the property or to the neighbor's property that is caused by your pets will be the sole responsibility of the tenant.

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Can I get a pet after move-in?


Only with the prior approval of management. Upon approval a $300 pet deposit will be charged for each pet at that time, and $25.00 pet rent per animal will be added to themonthly rent due. Finding a pet without prior approval are grounds for termination of your rental agreement.


Can I install cable or satellite at my apartment?


Generally, yes. However, you must obtain a written consent from management. The cost of installation is the tenant's responsibility. We do not allow the satellite dish to be visible from the front of the building or from the street. If a dish is to be installed it must NOT be drilled directly into the roof but rather on the fascia board that is trim work on the house or unit. IF Vista Del Sol Apartments discovers a satellite dish installed into the roof the tenant will be charged because it damages the integrity of the roofing membrane. Consent Form


Do I need Renter's Insurance?


It is highly recommended to have renter's insurance on your rental home. The owner's insurance does not cover the tenant's possessions. Typically, renter's insurance is very affordable.


What am I responsible for maintaining?


Tenants are responsible for replacing air conditioner filters, and replacing light bulbs and smoke detector/carbon monoxide batteries. Smoke detector batteries should be changed twice a year or more if needed. Proper yard maintenance and watering is required as well. Tenant shall property use, operate and safeguard the premises. Tenant shall pay for repair of drain blockages or stoppages, unless caused by defective plumbing parts or tree roots.


How do I get help for a maintenance problem?


All maintenance requests must be made in writing or email a request to the office. info@VDSapts.com  One  efficient way to report a problem is through our website. To the left of the page, we have a link called, "Maintenance Request." Fill out all of the required information and give it to the onsite manager or email the request. At that time the work order is immediately sent and received by our repairs department and a vendor will be notified contacted for services. If you call our office during the weekend or at night all 714-290-5147 or 714-290-0933 Please leave your name, telephone number and a brief message and your call will be returned.


Does Vista Del Sol Apartments allow sub-leasing?


No, we do not allow sub-leasing in our properties. Please contact our office for other options.

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How do I check for registered sex offenders?


Go to www.familywatchdog.us
it is the sole responsibility of each prospective tenant to determine if the neighborhood they are interested in renting and living, meets their standards. Vista Del Sol Apartments does a criminal or sex offender search at the time on move-in on all residents..


What is the policy on roommates?


Every adult with a different last name that applies to reside in a rental home must pay Vista Del Sol Apartments a $30 credit check fee when submitting the rental application. If roommates have to move and want to be taken off an existing lease or rental agreement the new replacing roommates must sign an addendum to be added to the lease. The new roommates must also have their credit checked and qualify as an applicant. The security deposit will not be refunded until the end of the lease term of all or the last remaining original roommate. At which time a notice has been received or the lease end the security deposit will be refunded to the current names that appear on the lease.


Does Vista Del Sol Apartments accept Section 8 housing?


Vista Del Sol Apartments is not accepting the Section 8 Housing program.


How long is the standard lease?


Most of our leases are for one year. Occasionally, a landlord will consider a six-month lease. This usually only occurs in January when the lease will expire in June, during the prime rental season. We do accommodate the United States Military men and women by providing them with a Military exemption, which allows them to break a lease if the government transfers them to another station outside of Orange County.


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